4th November 2017

Debt Chasing Tools on Sage

Debt chasing can be time consuming, yet it must be done. How can Sage help you to save time? There are a number of debt chasing tools on Sage. In fact, there is a special area called Chase Debt. This is found in the Customer Tool Bar, under the Tasks section on the left of the screen.


png 1.1

It displays all your customer information but differently. You have extra columns that can be added by right clicking your mouse on the column headings. This can show overdue debt, promised payments (when your client says ‘the cheque is in the post’) and much more. Take a look and see the wealth of information that can be displayed at the click of a button.

You also have a Smart Search at the top, with a drop down box to show various categories of aged debt, overdue, etc. So you can easily sort your debt into categories and deal with groups of customers quickly. What is the process for chasing debt? If you have agreed 30 days with your customer, at the end of each month, you would send a statement which is a polite reminder that a letters. These can be found in the “Letters” icon at the top of the screen. There are 3 letters, labelled appropriat letter can be sent. The letters can be customised in Report Designer to reflect the wording you would prefer.

png 2.1

Both the letters, statements and invoices can be emailed directly to the customer which can save money on postage. For more information on debt chasing, please visit our sister website JDH Bookkeeping & Accounting Services Ltd where you will obtain more information.

by: Jackie Hooper