21st March 2019

More Auto Enrolment Jargon That You Need To Know

Understanding your staging date, declaration of compliance and more when it comes to auto enrolment…


This is when your auto enrolment scheme begins.  As my first blog stated, you can check this out on the pension’s regulator website at, using your Employer’s PAYE scheme reference number.  This is your deadline to work towards.

To keep you reminded of all the auto enrolment staging date tasks why not print off the handy tick list with all the tasks you need to complete?!  Download this > Automatic enrolment checklist

Did you know that you could postpone for up to 3 months if you are not ready?

Note – the original idea of auto enrolment was that the biggest businesses would stage first and then progressively work back to the smaller businesses.  This was scrapped as the government realised that far too many businesses would be staging at the same time, so don’t assume that your business won’t be staging for a while.


This must be completed within 5 months of your staging for auto enrolment.  It tells The Pensions Regulator that you have complied with everything and your system is up and running.  This can be completed from your Government Gateway log in.  There is a significant penalty for not completing this – look out for the frightening penalties in my next blog.

TPR means what?

The Pensions Regulator – the regulatory body for auto enrolment.


NEST – this is the government pension scheme available to all employers – National Employment Savings Trust.  This is currently free to use – employers can sign up online.


Qualifying earnings are the earnings band where pension calculations are made.  This is on earnings between £5824 and £43,000 per year.  These can be made up of salary, bonuses, commission, overtime, etc.

Employers and employees will pay in at the following rates, depending on when they stage:

Date Minimum Total Contributions Minimum Employer Contribution Minimum Employee Contribution
Up to 30.9.17 2% 1% 1%
From 1.10.17 5% 2% 3%
From 1.10.18 8% 3% 5%


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Look out for our next blog, which will cover the potential penalties if you don’t take note of auto enrolment regulations.

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