23rd July 2019

Benefits of Bringing Paperwork in Early

THE EARLY BIRD CATCHES THE WORM It’s a common problem for accountants, that some clients don’t get their paperwork in on time – or at least sometimes, it can be last minute. This is not good for either the accountant or the client. Why? The accountant may be swamped with work at certain times of […]

21st March 2019

More Auto Enrolment Jargon That You Need To Know

Understanding your staging date, declaration of compliance and more when it comes to auto enrolment… STAGING DATE This is when your auto enrolment scheme begins.  As my first blog stated, you can check this out on the pension’s regulator website at, using your Employer’s PAYE scheme reference number.  This is your deadline to work […]

10th February 2019

Workplace Pensions – Are you implementing Auto-enrolment yet?

Back to basics: So what is auto enrollment exactly?  One of the biggest challenges facing companies this year is workplace pension legislation – otherwise known as auto enrollment. Auto-enrollment will affect many, if not all, businesses in the UK. The government has decided that everyone needs to be saving for retirement and so has introduced a […]

12th January 2019

JDH Top Tips | Writing a successful CV

  Your CV is your big chance to sell yourself, and when employers take 30 seconds on average to read an indvidual’s CV and make a judgement on whether or not that person is suitable, it is important to ensure that your CV makes an impact and grabs the reader’s attention. Here are our tips […]

19th November 2018

Revision tips

  People often use many different revision techniques to aid them in their studying, that’s if they study at all! Follow our top revision tips to get the most out of your studies.   Location, Location – Pick a place where you are comfortable with no distractions or external stressors. Some people find that a […]

10th May 2018

Career focus: Bookkeeper

The job roles of accountant and bookkeepers often intertwine, and there are quite a few people who don’t know the difference between the two. Here we will briefly explore the role of the bookkeeper. A bookkeeper deals with the first step of the accounting process, and is responsible for keeping accurate and complete records of […]

15th April 2018

JDH TOP TIPS | Writing a Business Plan

Writing a business plan can seem a daunting challenge. However, this skill is a vital requirement for any entrepreneur or business seeking to increase their chances of survival. Here is a list of our top tips for writing that winning plan: Write from the audience’s perspective The starting point for any business plan should be […]

12th March 2018

Auto Enrolment Jargon That You Need To Know

Understanding your auto enrolment employee categories The auto enrolment categories of workers are defined by their age and earnings. These are workers that fit the category of automatically being enrolled into an auto enrolment pension scheme. They need to be: 1. Working in the UK 2. Earning more than £10,000 per year (the Earnings Trigger) […]

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