ICB Level 3 Certificate in Bookkeeping


The Level III Certificate in Bookkeeping and Accounting covers the preparation of ledger balances, control accounts and reconcilliations, adjustments and preparation of final accounts for non-incorporated businesses or organisations.

Occupational Role: Self Employed Bookkeeper/ Employed Bookkeeper

On completion of this qualification candidates will be able to carry out the role of an employed or self-employed bookkeeper, be able to reconcile bank statements with the ledgers, produce a VAT return, control the sales and purchases ledgers, post year-end adjustments and produce the final accounts for a sole trader, partnership and not-for-profit organisation in both a manual and a computerised system.


Before commencing the study at this level the candidate should have achieved ICB Level II Certificate in Bookkeeping or its equivalent with another awarding body.

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Paper BA4 – Reconciliations and Final Accounts of a Sole Trader:

Home/ place of work based assessment to include:

  • Underpinning knowledge
  • Reconciliation and correction of errors (customer and supplier reconciliations, bank reconciliation, correction of errors)
  • VAT returns
  • Posting adjustments including disposal and acquisition of fixed assets
  • Final accounts of a sole trader
  • Production of final accounts of a sole trader with adjustments using a computerised package

Paper BA5 – Final Accounts of a Partnership

Home/ place of work based covering both manual and computerised knowledge and skills assessment to include:

  • Underpinning knowledge
  • Posting adjustments including disposal and acquisition of fixed assets
  • Final accounts of a partnership including the appropriation account and production of partners’ current accounts

Paper BA6 – Final Accounts of a Not-for-Profit Organisation 

Home/ place of work based covering both manual and computerised knowledge and skills assessment to include:

  • Underpinning knowledge
  • Posting adjustments including the subscriptions account and disposal and acquisition of fixed assets
  • Final accounts of a Not-for-Profit organisation

Paper BA7 – Level 3 External Assessment

A single assessment to be taken at an ICB examination centre (Pearson Vue testing centre) will be a mixture of multiple choice and data entry questions which will cover all elements of the syllabus.


*Note: The three assessments should be taken in the order listed above.

  • The importance of adhering to ethical principles
  • How & when to take action to cope with unethical behaviour
  • Accounting concepts of business entity, growing concern, historical cost, accruals and prudence.
  • Legal requirements for forming a partnership
  • Different ways of processing VAT for EU and non-EU transactions
  • Alternative VAT systems, e.g. VAT margin scheme
  • Prepare a bank reconciliation statement
  • Understand the purpose and use of control accounts
  • Account for VAT and prepare a VAT return
  • Prepare a ledger account to record the disposal of a fixed asset and to calculate the profit or loss on disposal
  • Calculate adjustments to the accounts, including opening & closing stock, depreciation of fixed assets, accruals and prepayments & provision for bad debts
  • Prepare the final accounts for a non-incorporated business including adjustments for opening & closing stock, depreciation, accruals, provision for doubtful debts for a sole trader, partnership and not for profit organisation
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After completing the course you will receive an ICB bookkeeping level 3 certificate.

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